Strength Training for GOLF 🏌️ ⁠⁠

If you are interested in raising your game on the golf course you should be strength training.⁠

When it comes to sports performance it is important to distinguish between an individual’s level ‘skill’ and their ‘physical capability’. ⁠

Skill can be described as your ability to execute movements with a level of precision and accuracy. (This is developed by practicing movements).⁠

Physical capability is a person’s capability to undertake a physical activity. (This can be enhanced through progressive strength training and makes the movement more efficient as you get stronger). ⁠

If you want to get the most out of any sport, you have to not only practice to enhance your skill level, but you should be strength training to make yourself more physically capable as well.⁠

Given the same level of skill, a stronger individual can hit the ball further than a weaker individual.

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