Meet the Legend himself - David Wallis

If anyone were to optimise what we believe in at Body Mentors, it would be David. 😇⁠⁠


At the age of 76, David is in the greatest physical condition of his life and shows us exactly why strength training can be so important in keeping strong, healthy and functional, especially as we get older.⁠⁠


Research tells us that regular training can mitigate the effects of the ageing process including: ⁠⁠


✅Reduced Atrophy (muscle loss)⁠⁠

✅Reduced Fat Gain ⁠⁠

✅Increased bone density ⁠⁠

✅Reduced rate of Cognitive decline ⁠⁠

✅Improved flexibility ⁠⁠


David continues to train with us 3 times a week and never misses a session. It is clear to see his hard work and consistency continues to pay off. ⁠⁠


So, the take home message is, be like David!⁠⁠

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