Low Bar Squat in 5 Steps ✅

1. Take a grip on the barbell around your bench press grip width. For most people this will be somewhere between the start of the knurling and the inside of the 36” rings.

2. Set the bar just below the top of the shoulder blades slightly lifting your elbows to create a shelf with your rear delts for the bar to sit on.

3. Take one step out of the rack and set your heels at shoulder width apart and point your toes out at about 30 degrees. Look at a point on the floor between 4 to 5 feet in front of you.

4. Whilst maintaining a 45 degree back angle raise your chest and set your back into extension. Don’t look up.

5. Begin the descent by pushing your hips back and shoving your knees forward and out and in line with your toes. Full depth is achieved with your hip crease reaching 1-2 inches below parallel with the knee. Maintain a rigid and extended back throughout.

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