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Sports Therapy

Initial Consultation and Treatment (60 Minutes)

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1 X Sports Therapy Session Per Month (60 Minutes)


What is Sports Therapy?

Despite its name, Sports therapy can be utilised by sports persons and non-sports persons alike. Sports Therapy is a healthcare profession concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of individuals back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.


How can Sports Therapy benefit you?

Injury Prevention 

A Sports Therapist can utilise principle of sport and exercise science to create individualised "pre-habilitation" exercise programme to greatly reduce your risk of injury for any occupational or sport environment you are involved with.

Evaluation and Assessment

A Sports Therapist is able to effectively evaluate and asses sports and non-sports injuries alike and provide you with detailed information regarding the nature of your issue.


After an assessment, a Sports Therapist will provide a plan to treat and manage the injury. treatments will usually involve techniques such as soft-tissue therapy and manual therapy. 

Exercise Rehabilitation 

A Sports Therapist will design a bespoke rehabilitation programme to help you return to back to optimal levels of function whether that be to get you back to playing your sport, getting you back to work or simply back to performing normal daily tasks.

Therapists you can trust

All of our Sports Therapists are members of the Society of Sports Therapists. This means they have completed certified graduate programmes and meet clearly defined competency levels which gives them the knowledge, skills and ability to work at all levels.