Personal Training

How Will a Personal Trainer Benefit You?

At Body Mentors we are dedicated to providing the very best personal training programmes based on the latest research as well as our own experience. There is simply no replacement for in-person, immediate feedback from a personal trainer standing next to you in the gym. Working with a personal trainer is a completely different way to train. The additional guidance, focus and instruction will help you to faster achieve your goals and make progress in the gym.


People are often reluctant to leave a comfort zone, and it’s important to understand that comfort is often detrimental when looking to make improvements. At Body Mentors we priorities progress and effective training techniques, pushing you out of your comfort zones.

At Body Mentors we base the majority of our training on the most basic barbell exercises that involve the largest amount of the body’s muscle mass. Used over the longest effective range of motion and loaded progressively each week, to make the adaptations necessary for increased strength and muscle mass. By using the most efficient personal training techniques and proper form you will see much faster results. We will make sure your technique is perfect and that you understand how to work effectively. We use a range of personal training methods from; strength training, boxing to bodyweight exercise.

Whether you wish to lose fat, get stronger or improve your overall fitness we can help you. Whether that means training a complete beginner or an experienced trainee who wants to take things to the next level, we have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your personal goals.

Personal Training is an essential investment in your training, and training is a essential investment in your life.


Services & Prices

Personal Training

Initial Consultation

60 Minute Personal Training Session

10 x 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions




Personal Training Subscription 

1 Session Fortnightly

1 Session Per Week

2 Sessions Per Week

3 Sessions Per Week

£97.50/ Month

£195/ Month

£390/ Month

£585/ Month