Why wear a weightlifting belt?⁠

A belt protects the spine by increasing the amount of pressure that can be created by the muscles that support it. The belt itself reinforces the “cylinder” of the ab muscles around the spine by providing a resistance to push against. Also, the belt acts as a good cue for a hard abdominal contraction. You can feel the tension when you brace into the belt clearly. Thus, knowing for sure when you are properly braced. This effect ultimately produces stronger abs, due to the stronger isometric contraction facilitated by the belt.⁠

Proper use of the belt requires practice. The right amount of tightness is a matter of individual preference. It is possible to have a belt on too tight and you will be less able to exert pressure with your own abdominal muscles, since they must be contracted to generate pressure. However, you do want it to be fairly tight. ⁠

In short, contrary to popular belief that a belt lessens the amount of ab work, the abs actually contract harder against the resistance provided by the belt than they can without it.⁠

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