The Press in 5 Steps ✅

1. The press starts at the rack. It should be set at the same height as for the squat, at about the middle of the sternum.

2. Grip width places the forearms in a vertical position as seen from the front. For most people this will be close to the start of the knurling. Tilt your hands inward slightly so that the bar stays in contact with the heel of your palm.

3. Unrack the Barbell to a position directly under the chin with elbows slightly in front of the bar. Feet are shoulder width apart the same stance as is used for the squat.

4. Take a big breath, brace your core, flex your quads and raise your chest. Push your hips forward and then use the rebound of the hips to initiate the press. Keep your knees locked throughout.

5. The lockout position is over the shoulder joints. As the bar passes your forehead think about shoving yourself under the bar and shrug your shoulders at the top to complete the lockout.

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