The iliotibial Band (ITB) – You can’t stretch it! And you wouldn’t want to anyway!⁠

📚Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common causes of lateral knee pain, however until recently it has been poorly understood. It was previously though to be a “friction” syndrome where the pain was thought to be caused from a ‘tight’ ITB rubbing on the lateral knee, causing pain. ⁠

This has led to many practitioners prescribing stretching (to reduce friction), however, recent research (linked below) now suggests that the ITB isn’t able to move and create friction as previously thought. Instead, the pain is now thought to be due to a ‘compression’ of sensitive structures around the lateral knee.⁠

🔑Loss of strength and control around the hips are key to the development of ITBS, therefore treatment should focus on progressive rehab in these areas.⁠

The ITB is an incredibly strong, complex structure and the current evidence is that it can’t be stretched, and you wouldn’t want to anyway!⁠

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Written By Jonathan Murphy MSc MSST⁠

Sports Therapist⁠

Body Mentors⁠

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