Deciding how long to rest between sets is a hugely important variable in workout configuration. Different rest periods will impact on the effectiveness of your workout. It is important to remember that training in the gym is not a race and is often mistakenly thought of as such.

The main function of your rest periods is recovery. Allowing for enough recovery between sets is vital for a couple reasons. If you do not rest for long enough you won’t be able to push yourself as hard on subsequent sets and will reduce the effectiveness of your workout. The main objective within your set is to achieve the desired number of reps. Therefore, your focus should be on how to ensure you achieve that.

For example, when strength gains are the primary objective, resting for longer than 2 minutes quite often becomes a necessity. If you do your first working set of 5 reps but only rest for between 1-2 minute you may only be able to

achieve 2-3 reps on your second set reducing the overall value of your workout. ⁠

At Body Mentors we recommend:⁠

For Heavy compound lifts: 3+ minutes rest⁠

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