Bench Press in 5 Steps ✅

1. Lie on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and so that the bar is just above the nose. Look at a point on the ceiling directly upwards, do not watch/follow the bar. Tilt your chest up as high as you can.

2. Take a grip on the barbell. For most people this will be somewhere between the start of the knurling and the inside of the 36” rings. Tilt your hands inward slightly so that the bar stays in contact with the heel of your palm.

3. The upper back needs to be planted firmly against the bench and used as a platform. Pull the shoulder blades together.

4. Unrack the Barbell to a position directly above the shoulder joints with locked elbows. Take a big breath, brace your core and raise your chest.

5. Lower the bar to your chest and then return to the position above the shoulders. To complete a full range of motion, make contact with the chest at the bottom.

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